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Archive App is on a mission to help every e-commerce merchant — from sole proprietors to venture-backed hyper-growth DTC companies — harness their community to grow more efficiently.


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How automatic UGC saving helped Tuft + Paw to clear up their calendars


Tuft + Paw is a fast-growing e-commerce store selling high quality cat furniture that both cats and humans love. Founded in 2016, in Traverse City, MI, the company has worked towards becoming the #1 shop for luxurious cat furniture.

We spoke with Francesca Morfini, brand marketing director at Tuft + Paw, who is a long time reader of The Early Checkout and now a raging fan of Archive App as well.


We have been using Archive App for a few months now at Tuft + Paw and we’re extremely happy with the results. Our community manager is saving a lot of time not having to manually search for and save the UGC on different social media channels. Especially since stories disappear after 24 hours,
Archive App is helping to save these content assets without having to be online 24/7.


Our marketing operations have been a lot more smooth and it’s much easier to get the right assets from our customers who are posting about the products they’ve ordered. Social media is a huge part of our marketing strategy - since we’re selling products for cats, it’s hard to create good
content as cats don’t like new environments - that’s why social media posts from our customers are vital.

UGC is beating any other form of advertising for us. Social proof is really important. And Archive App just makes that whole process of collecting any social proof we can use much easier. We repost our customers’ content and when they give us permission we also use it for our paid ads, in our
email marketing campaigns and in other marketing assets.

Overall we’re super happy with Archive App. The onboarding was great thanks to their customer support - they were there for us even when we had very specific questions. Our community manager really feels like she has her life back now that all UGC is automatically saved; she doesn’t have to check the social feeds on weekends anymore either. Archive App has definitely been a game changer for Tuft + Paw.



Put UGC collection on autopilot


Ad costs are skyrocketing. Every merchant is seeing their Facebook Ad performance drop month over month. Community marketing gives brands a long-term opportunity to cut ad costs and increase returns.


Saving UGC, especially ephemeral Instagram stories, is a stressful, time-sensitive, and manual process. Archive App automatically saves all Instagram posts, stories, and reels that mention your brand.


Archive App is live on the Shopify App Store today and will be a huge time-saver for your marketing team while significantly helping to increase your opportunities with UGC.


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